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At MindSpace, we believe future has to be invented not just by a thought wishing it to happen; but by proving it yourself 'Impossible can always be made possible by the Impeccable'.


You cannot just wait for future to happen the way you predict it. Wake up, Chase yourself to meet the time or it's going to crash you leaving shattered. You have to work for your business for the business to work for you.

The IT emporium in itself you cannot elude from, MindSpace brings immense transformation to your caliber making you believe on what you can achieve unknowingly.




Our Services


Delivering superior service and business solutions requires a multi-disciplined, industry focused approach. We have therefore established a dedicated team of professionals with in-depth industry experience, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive advice from a Team who ultimately understand their business.



News and Events


  • MindSpace develops web portal of TATA Memorial Hospital

    MindSpace is proud to announce the launch of the web portal of TATA Memorial Hospital. The fresh new look of TMH web portal features individual websites of TATA Memorial Hospital, ACTREC, and National Cancer Grid (NCG). The portal also allows patients to use online services like Registrations, Donations, e-Medical Records etc.


  • MindSpace develops eKAVACH Parental Control Mobile App

    eKAVACH is India’s most advanced digital parenting application for your kids to ensure online child safety. Today’s digital world is full of online threats such as internet & gaming addiction, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, pornography. With so much technology around kids, eKAVACH parental control app provides parents the best family protection and internet safety from various online risks. With eKAVACH digital parenting application, you can monitor screen time, enable content filtering on your kids’ smart phones and tablets to provide safe browser experience and track your kid’s location.

  • MS develops MJN Nurture Mobile App.

    MindSpace develops the MJN Nurture mobile app for Mead Johnson. The App provides various tools for Pediatrician to monitor growth and development in children. It can be used for plotting length, weight, body mass index (BMI) and head circumference as per the age of a child on standard growth charts.

  • MindSpace launches Retail Konnect Mobile App | |

    MindSpace launches the Retail Konnect Mobile App for Android, Windows and IOS. The app helps patients search for particular drugs at nearby chemist stores.

  • MindSpace launches Novastat News@9 on Android and IOS. |

    Novastat News @9 is a News Channel in an App format meant to educate Doctors on recent happening in Cardiology , played every Friday @9 , communicated by a qualified doctor.

  • Mumbai Mobile Creches gets a new look.

    We feel proud to be associated with Mumbai Mobile Creches, an NGO associated with nurturing of children living on construction sites. Mumbai Mobile Creches works to provide migrant children on construction sites​ a safe, happy and healthy childhood.



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